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Permissible Excuses to Reschedule or Cancel a Date

By on April 2, 2012
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So you have a hot date that you suddenly can’t make. What are some permissible excuses you can use to ensure you’re not put permanently in the doghouse, especially if you want to reschedule? You’re only as good as your first impression, so while we don’t recommend canceling a date, here are some valid reasons that could get you a reschedule:

Family Emergency
If your son ends up in the ER or your father has a sudden stroke and is hospital bound, chances are your date will be understanding of the situation. If not, you should’t really want to date the cold-hearted snake anyways.

Flat Tire/ Roadside Emergencies
You got a flat tire, fender-bender, or rear-ended someone on the way to your date. The situation is totally permissible to reschedule for a later date. Hopefully after your vehicle is fixed. Try not to use the “I ran out of gas” excuse, as it shows signs of flakiness and irresponsibility.

If you have the stomach flu, a virus, the common cold, or an appendicitis, you can reschedule or cancel your date until you are feeling up for social company. After all, throwing up or sneezing all over your date is never a good first impression.

Working Late
Not the very best of excuses, but if an important project comes up or the boss demands extra hours, it could be ok to reschedule.

On the other hand here are some reasons that are probably NOT going to get you a second date:

Double Booking
I once had someone cancel because he “accidentally” double booked on the same night. Now, you may be wondering how I found out. It turns out, the other bookee was a girlfriend of mine. He had the nerve to rain check via text message 20 minutes before our date. If you happen to get a text message 20 minutes before you’re supposed to go out, chances are you will never see that person again. The excuse for my rain check dude was that “he was too tired from work.” My time is valuable too buddy.

Not apologizing for canceling
If you decide to cancel without even a hint of an apology, you can guarantee their will NOT be a chance to reschedule. Show a little consideration.

“Oh, our date was for tonight? I totally forgot.”
Bad time management is not an attractive quality. If you forgot our date, it’s pretty probable that you will also forget my birthday, my address, and quite possibly, my name.

“I’m too hung over.”
Going on a date with a perpetual frat boy who can’t control his liquor consumption is never appealing. If you are going to use this excuse, at least change it to the “I’m sick” routine.

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