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Southern Belle Dating Advice

By on July 23, 2012
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Although Southern women love being Southern, there is one thing they like more, and that is being spoiled. I venture to say that all women love this, but here in the South it tends to be a deal breaker if you aren’t the kind of man who can treat us like a princess. This doesn’t mean you must shower us with lavish gifts.

In fact, I can be spoiled with no material possessions at all. The fancy car? Keep it. The all-expense paid vacation? I think I’ll just go to a friends ranch instead. The diamond ring? Well, actually I’ll take that. But, do not fret. You can still pamper your princess with some very simple basic rules.

Rule number one – tell me I’m pretty. Is it vein, shallow and immature? Yes, absolutely. Does it work? Yes, absolutely. Once a man tells a Southern woman she is pretty or compliments her in some way, he will automatically shoot to the top of her favorite people list. And, I promise, that is where you want to be. Although this revelation may make Southern women sound a tad vapid, isn’t it great that something so simple can liven up her day? You are the real winner here because you don’t have to come up with a list of reasons why you love her. She don’t care why you like spending time with her. She doesn’t need to hear your innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions. She just needs to feel special. And, if you tell her she’s pretty, bingo. She’s feeling pretty great.

Rule number two. She is right and she wins. Another great way to spoil her without any material possessions is to let her win. Southern women are stubborn and competitive. They like to be right. In fact, a lot of the time, they need to be right. So, you must pick your battles. If she wants to go to a fancy dinner and you just want to get wings, maybe this is one of those times where you just give in and let her win.

Ok, gentlemen, Are you still with me? Or are you all vomiting in the corner at the thought of all of this. I know it may sound ridiculous, but as long as you keep these rules in the back of your mind, and throw your Southern lady some arbitrary wins and compliments every now and then things will be smooth sailing. Well, as long as she likes you at least.

Now I’m off to do some damage control as I may have just scared away every man this side of the Mississippi.

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